One Step Closer to JA8

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has officially listed EmeryAllen lamps in their appliance database of Title 20 compliant bulbsSo, what does this mean? 

  • Long Lifetime: 
    • After over 5,000 hrs of continuous testing, we're experiencing ONLY 1% lumen loss.
    • Test results predict that after 20,000 hours, we'll retain over 93% of original lumens.
  • Lumen Efficacy As High As 106 lm/w: Over 50% increase above CEC's standard benchmark of 68 lm/w.
  • Dimmable & Reduced Flicker Operation: Yes and yes. 
  • Whopping 96-99% Power Factor: Blows away the 70% acceptable standard. 
  • Soaring Compliance Scores: At over 315, we're already meeting CEC's 2019 compliance requirements.
  • Color consistency: We meet the CEC's newest requirement of 90+ CRI
  • JA8 Approval is on the horizon: Look for it in about 1-2 months. 

EA bulbs will be the ONLY miniature lamps approved in the State of California. 


And, CA energy policies set the pace for the rest of the U.S.


To learn more about Title 20/24 and JA8 compliance, we recommend the following resources from ALA and CEC.


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