EmeryAllen’s New Ceiling Fan Bulbs Make Switching to LEDs a Breeze


Charleston, SC, 17th September, 2018 - Everyone knows LEDs use less energy, run cooler and last longer. But, when it comes time to make the switch, it’s not always as easy as swapping out halogen or incandescent bulbs with LEDs. In addition to general availability of bulb type (i.e. base configuration, size), you may also encounter issues with dimming and remote controls. Case in point; ceiling fans. Despite doubling as the main light source in many rooms, ceiling fan light kits are notoriously difficult to retrofit with LED bulbs. This is what drove EmeryAllen’s founder to focus on developing a new line of retrofit LED bulbs specifically designed for ceiling fan light kits. 

“We accept the challenge to go above and beyond when solving problems no one else will touch. We take those hard-to-find-bulbs, like fan bulbs, and rather than just make them available, we design a bulb that dims like a pro and actually works with remote controls,” says Tom Garber, EmeryAllen’s founder.

All of the product lines offered through EmeryAllen came to fruition based on real needs in the lighting industry; and ceiling fan bulbs are no exception. With new energy standards in place, 75W/100W E11 halogen bulbs are getting increasingly difficult to locate. And the few LED replacement options available aren't designed to work well with the features of a modern ceiling fan. Neil Graves, EmeryAllen’s Chicago-area sales rep, brought the idea for a line-up of ceiling fan bulbs to the table based on what he was hearing in the market. 

“I knew if we could create a 7.5 watt or higher E11 LED that dimmed on a simple universal dimmer, hundreds of my customers would be ecstatic. These bulbs are going to save them 90% of their energy costs and last 25,000 hours instead of 2,000. It’s a no-brainer,” says Neil.

Customers shouldn’t “judge a book by it’s cover” in the case of this line though. While the series is named for the application that inspired it, customers will find many other uses for these bulbs. Sconces, pendants, chandeliers, piano/banker’s lamps, outdoors…really any fixtures that need up to 950 lumens, full dimming with no flicker and special sizes will benefit.

EmeryAllen’s new fan bulb line-up consists of thirteen 120v bulbs, offered in 4 base configurations (E11, E12, E26, and GU24), 2 wattages (5W and 9.5W), and 2 color temperatures (2700K and 3000K). The 9.5 and 5.0 watt options, with 950 and 500 lumens respectively, have an impressive efficiency of 100 lumens/watt. Customers can visit EmeryAllen's website to see technical specifications of the bulbs and where to buy them.

About EmeryAllen 

Founded in 2015, EmeryAllen is the leader in the design, development and distribution of miniature LED replacement bulbs. Their impressive lineup of bulbs take the place of miniature halogen or incandescent light bulbs that are typically used in residential, commercial or hospitality applications. Designed specifically for North American lighting applications, EmeryAllen’s products have the best lumen efficacy on the market (over 100lm/W). And, they meet or exceed the safety and energy requirements of UL, the National Electric Code of the State of California and the US Department of Energy. 


Press Contact: For more information, please email us at info@emeryallen.com.