MR16 5.0W

The 12V EmeryAllen MR16 retrofit lamp is an energy efficient alternative to 12V halogen MR16 lamps. It offers similar light output to a 12V, 35W halogen (300-450lm) and is suitable for use in most 12V GU5.3 MR16 fixtures.

Its long life (25,000hrs = >10x standard bulbs) is ideal for track lighting, pendants, ceiling fixtures, and outdoor lighting applications.

Available in 2700K and 3000K with 15˚, 24˚, 36˚, 60˚ and 120˚ beam spreads.

Available Beam Spreads:

15 Degrees
EA-MR16-5.0W-15D-2790-D Specification Sheet
EA-MR16-5.0W-15D-3090-D Specification Sheet

24 Degrees
EA-MR16-5.0W-24D-2790-D Specification Sheet
EA-MR16-5.0W-24D-3090-D Specification Sheet

36 Degrees
EA-MR16-5.0W-36D-2790-D Specification Sheet
EA-MR16-5.0W-36D-3090-D Specification Sheet

60 Degrees
EA-MR16-5.0W-60D-2790-D Specification Sheet
EA-MR16-5.0W-60D-3090-D Specification Sheet

120 Degrees
EA-MR16-5.0W-120D-2790-D Specification Sheet
EA-MR16-5.0W-120D-3090-D Specification Sheet

Unsure which beam spread to choose?
Compare them all with our beam spread chart below.