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120V LED Lamps

Line voltage lighting ready to shine.

BA15D 2


Double contact bayonet base, often used in display cabinets, exit signs, gallery lighting, and more.

E11 2


11mm in diameter, a bit smaller than an E12. Most commonly used in ceiling fans, kitchen applications, photography use, and select machinery.

E12 2


12mm in diameter, the E12 fitting is very commonly used in candelabra/chandelier lamps. It is also often found in lighting for boats and other decorative lamps.

E17 2


Intermediate base bulb found in appliances like sewing machines, and refrigerators, etc. Also used in small lamps and some ceiling fans.

E26 2


Medium base bulb. Most common type of 120V bulb used.

G8 2


8mm pin spacing, commonly used in desk lamps, floor lamps, and general lighting.

G9 2


Two loop pin base bulb often used for accent lighting, desk lighting, pendant lights, and lights set under cabinets and drawers.

gu10 3


10mm pin spacing, with “twist and lock” style base. Focused directional lighting bulb found in recessed lighting fixtures, pendants, and ceiling lamps.

GU24 3


24mm pin spacing, with “twist and lock” style base.

R7S 2


Often found in torchiere floor lamps, sconces, vanity lights, shop lights, and recessed lighting.