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12mm in diameter, the E12 fitting is very commonly used in candelabra or chandelier lamps. It is also often found in lighting for boats and other decorative lamps.

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Brief history:

The legendary inventor Thomas Edison created the Edison screw base. It’s the familiar screw-like socket you see on the bottom of most light bulbs in the world. After being patented in 1909, the Edison screw base has established itself as the international standard of lighting sockets. Over 80% of light bulbs in the world use the Edison screw base because of the uniformity it allows. You can find these bases ranging in sizes from E5 to E40. E12 light bulbs are also called mini candelabra, or also known as “mini-cans”.

The E12’s nomenclature can be deciphered as follows:

E – Edison
12 – Diameter of the bulb screw size in mm

How they’re used:

Since E12 bulbs are relatively small, they are mainly used in decorative fixtures. With a narrower screw base, E12 bulbs can be combined to create impressively illuminated environments. They are often found in ceiling fans, kitchen appliances, wall sconces, outdoor fixtures, pendants, photography devices, and select machinery.

Why you want them:

With modern LED technology, the E12 has improved significantly from where it began. EmeryAllen is pleased to offer these high-performance, long-life bulbs with our trademark color rendition, and lifetime warranty.

If you have any questions about our E12 light bulbs or our other products, feel free to contact us.