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24mm pin spacing, with "twist and lock" style base.

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Brief history:

The GU24 is another form of the bi-pin bulb, what sets them apart are the pins. Unlike standard bi-pin bulbs, the GU24 has thick squared-off pins that aid in their ability to ‘twist-lock’ into their sockets. Similar but a little different to how bayonet bulbs like the BA15S or BA15D would lock into their sockets. The 24 in GU24 represents the pin spacing in millimeters. GU24 bulbs were traditionally developed as compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL). The design was initiated by the U.S. EPA and the Lighting Research Center in 2004, in order to facilitate the use of CFL bulbs with replaceable blasts. In recent times these CFL bulbs have been falling out of favor over the lower energy and longer life LED bulbs. By offering GU24 bulbs with LED technology, existing fixtures wouldn’t need to be replaced.

How they’re used:

First introduced in the mid 2000s these GU bases were used primarily for compact fluorescent and halogen bulbs for downlight and directional lighting. Their ability to have a firm hold in their fixtures made them well-suited for downward-facing lighting. Today they have the same use cases, but LED bulbs have overtaken the sales of halogen and fluorescent bulbs. With the introduction of LED technology, GU24 bulbs have further widened the field of potential applications. Now, it’s possible to get GU24 LED dimmable lights, smart bulbs, and more.

Why you want them:

These lights are perfect for kitchens, workspaces, and bathrooms, where bright light is a must. However, GU24 bulbs are versatile enough that they can also be found in many other applications throughout the home.

EmeryAllen’s LED GU24 bulbs offer the greatest value for your money. LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan than halogen lamps, often lasting up to 10 times as long. They also produce far less heat and operate more efficiently, which can save you money on both lighting and home cooling bills.

No matter what application you have in mind, we can help you find the best fit for your needs. Along with GU24s we also carry a full line of 120V bulbs. If you have any questions about this or any of our other products, feel free to contact us.