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8mm pin spacing, commonly used in desk lamps, floor lamps, and general lighting.

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Brief History

The bi-pin base used on G8 bulbs was invented in 1893 by Reginald Fessenden and was introduced at the Chicago World’s Fair. At the time, Fessenden was considered a serious rival of Thomas Edison, the inventor of screw-base light bulbs, and it was this rivalry that led to the invention of the bi-pin base. Because Reginald could not use Edison’s patented screw-base bulbs, he developed and patented his own light bulb base.

The G in “G8” simply indicates that the bulb was made of glass in its original form, and the 8 measures the spread between the two pins in millimeters. G-style, bi-pin bulbs are also available in other sizes.

How They’re Used

Even if there’s no way to plug a G8 base bulb into an Edison-style fixture, these bulbs are still common in some 120V applications. Initially developed as a halogen bulb, the G8 LED bulb has now become a staple of decorative or accent lighting. With its small footprint and tiny base, the G8 takes up very little space.

G8 bulbs aren’t just used in seasonal lighting. They’re also common in space-constrained line-voltage interior applications such as desk lamps, floor lamps, under-cabinet lights, and vanity lighting. EmeryAllen offers them in 2.5-7W variations.

Why You Want Them

EmeryAllen’s G8 LED bulb collection is highly efficient when compared to traditional halogen G8 bulbs. Unlike halogen lamps, LED bulbs operate at very low temperatures, eliminating the possibility of contact burns, keeping rooms cool, and ensuring optimal efficiency. LEDs last over ten times as long as traditional G8 bulbs and maintain accurate color rendition over the life of the bulb.

Low-wattage G8 LED bulbs are quite versatile. As long as the fixture is designed for bi-pin bulbs, LEDs can be used in almost any application. EmeryAllen’s G8 products are compatible with most all incandescent and LED dimmers.

These bulbs’ 360-degree beam angle makes them ideal for just about any 8mm bi-pin fixture. By offering our products in different brightness and color temperature settings, we make it easy to find the right G8 light bulb for any application. Since EmeryAllen prioritizes energy efficiency, you’ll actually save money by switching to our LED G8 bulbs over the bulb’s life.

If you have any questions about our G8 bulbs or our other products, feel free to contact us.