Festoon 1.0W


The 12V EmeryAllen Festoon 1.0W retrofit lamp is an energy efficient alternative to 12V incandescent Festoon bulbs. It offers similar light output to a 12V, 5W incandescent (100lm) and is suitable for use in most 12V Festoon fixtures.

Its long life (25,000hrs = >10x standard bulbs) is ideal for automotive, marine, puck lights, and similar applications.

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

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Base Type Festoon
Material Ceramic + PC
Input Voltage 12V AC/DC
Wattage 1.0
CRI 90+
Brightness 100 Lumens
Lumens/Watt 100
Color Temperature 2700K, 3000K, +
Halogen Equivalent 5W
Beam Angle 180°
Life 25,000 hours
Warranty Limited Lifetime

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Brief History

Festoon bulbs came about for the need to have a small interchangeable bulb that inhabits small enclosed spaces. Traditional Edison, or bayonet style bulbs while great for most purposes are often still too large for some applications. Enter the Festoon bulb.

How They’re Used

Festoon bulbs are frequently found in automotive and marine applications. Those tiny locations such as a dome light, or in the glove box of a car. The port and starboard lights, or other accent lighting within a cabin of a boat might also contain festoon bulbs. However, they can also be found in undercabinet lighting in some kitchens as well. There is really no limit to where festoons can be used, it’s all about the space constraints.

Why You Want Them

When those incandescent or poorly made OEM festoon bulbs start to inevitably flicker out, think about changing them out for EmeryAllen festoons. EmeryAllen is pleased to offer these high-performance, long-life festoon 1.0W bulbs with our trademark color rendition, and lifetime warranty found across our entire collection of lighting products.


If you have any questions about our festoon bulbs or our other products, feel free to contact us.

Additional information

Weight .0125 lbs
Dimensions 1.75 × .5 × .5 in

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