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Two loop pin base bulb often used for accent lighting, desk lighting, pendant lights, and lights set under cabinets and drawers.

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Brief history:

When you first see a G9 type bulb, the most notable distinction comes from how the base looks. Featuring a set of hooked metal prongs for electrical contact points instead of a traditional screw-in type base and is thus incompatible with these Edison-style fixtures.

The G9 was initially developed as a halogen bulb to be used as a discrete form of lighting, this unique base lends itself to a small footprint for decorative lighting. The G indicated the bulb was originally made of glass, and the 9 indicated the spread between the pins in millimeters.

How they’re used:

G9 lamps can be found in many 120V applications. Their smaller size relative to traditional bulbs will make them a popular choice in line-voltage interior applications that are space-constrained. The G9 can often be found in residential and commercial settings utilizing wall lamps, chandeliers, vanity lights, and under cabinet lighting.

Why you want them:

The LED G9 bulbs that EmeryAllen produces are more efficient, more versatile, and longer-lasting than conventional halogen G9 bulbs which like most halogen bulbs, operate at very high temperatures that can cause burns with direct contact, as well as have shorter life spans.

You’ll also find that our LED G9s maintain their brightness and color accuracy for the life of the bulb. From the moment you turn the light on, your G9 bulb will be operating at peak efficiency. While other brands will fade or give off dimmer, color-shifted light, as time goes on.

Many EmeryAllen bulbs including our G9 series are compatible with most magnetic and electronic LED-compatible transformer dimmers, along with most MLV and ELV dimmers.

You can learn more about G9 light bulbs when you contact EmeryAllen. We can answer any questions you have about this type of lighting and help you find the best bulbs for the fixtures in your home. If you want to save on energy usage and enjoy more benefits of LED lighting, trust our team to give you the knowledge-backed answers you need.