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General FAQ

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General FAQ

What makes EmeryAllen and their products different from other bulb companies?

When you purchase a product from EmeryAllen, you are purchasing a product that was designed and developed in the USA for the North American market. Our 30+ years in the lighting industry gives us the experience to know your lighting requirements and to solve your lighting problems. At EmeryAllen, we are a solution provider to your lighting needs. 

Have a question? Send us an email using the Contact page on the website or give us a call at 843 480-4473.

To learn more about The EmeryAllen Difference, visit the Home and About Us pages.

How do I determine what base type I need?

Our product line is divided into two standard voltages: 12V and 120V. Both the 12V and 120V product pages have pictures, basic technical information and common applications of each base type we offer. If you need further help determining which base type is best for your application, feel free to reach out to us via the Contact page or call us at 843-480-4473.

I want to switch from a halogen or incandescent bulb to an LED. How I determine what wattage LED I should use?

You can find the halogen/incandescent equivalent of any EA bulb on the desired product’s page and specification sheet. 

Do not exceed the lumens of the original halogen or incandescent bulb recommended with the fixture. For example, under-cabinet lights usually come with a 20W halogen bulb. Use LED lumen equivalent.

What are lumens? Why is it important to look at lumens rather than wattage when comparing bulbs?

Lumens are the unit of measure in which light output is measured. There is no correlation between lumens and wattage. It is our job to produce a product that delivers as many lumens possible while using the least amount of energy (wattage).

You can find the lumen output of any EA bulb on the desired product’s page and specification sheet.

What is color temperature? What is the difference between the 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5700K color temperatures? How do I ensure that I am picking the best color temperature for my application?

Color temperature is a way to describe where the light falls on the color spectrum. This spectrum is measured in Kelvin (K) on a scale of 1,000 to 10,000. The lower the number, the more yellow (warmer) shifted the light is. Inversely, the higher the number on the Kelvin scale, the bluer (cooler) the light. Typically, incandescent lighting is closer to 2700K and halogen is closer to 2850K.

HD ColorTemp HighlightBox

When it comes to lighting a space, the color of light can have a significant impact on the desired mood. Warmer (yellow tinted) lighting creates a more homey and inviting atmosphere making it a great application for residential living spaces. Cooler (blue tinted) lighting is better suited for areas used for focusing on tasks or activities such as an office environment, hospital or garage.

What is CRI? Why is it important that EA bulbs have 80 - 90+ CRI?

CRI stands for Color Rendering Index. It is a score given to LED lamps that indicates how accurately colors are represented by them, with 100 being the best. Sunlight and incandescent lighting will offer true, 100 CRI. 

We make sure that our bulbs all have 80 – 90+ CRI so you can trust that you are getting the most accurate light color possible out of your bulbs.

How do I know if the dimmer I am using is compatible with the EA products I’m interested in?

With 120v products; as long as you use an LED compatible dimmer, you are good to go. With 12V products, you will either need an ELV (electronic low voltage dimmer) or a MLV (magnetic low voltage dimmer). The type of dimmer is determined if your system uses an electronic or magnetic transformer.

How do I know if I need an LED Driver with my bulbs?

Drivers/transformers are only required for low voltage (12V-24V) lighting products. EmeryAllen only produces low voltage bulbs for 12V products as the standard option. 

If you are replacing a 12V halogen bulb in your lighting fixture, chances are good that the transformer used is a halogen transformer.

What is the difference between a halogen and LED transformer/driver? A halogen transformer typically has a minimum load and maximum load requirement while an LED transformer or driver has little or no minimum load.

Here are some possible outcomes of using a halogen transformer with an LED bulb:

  • If a bulb that has higher wattage than the maximum load, components on the inside of the transformer will sense the high load and shut off.
  • If you use a small wattage bulb that is less than the minimum load of the transformer, the bulb will flicker. This is because the transformer will repeatedly try to start but there is not enough resistance on the transformer to keep it running. The transformer will do this over and over again causing the flicker. There’s nothing wrong with the bulb or the transformer, they are just not meant to function together. Eventually the bulb and/or the transformer can fail.

An example of one of these outcomes would involve a pendant that uses a 50W halogen bulb and a halogen transformer. The transformer will typically be a 60W transformer with a minimum load of 20W. When you replace the halogen with a LED equivalent 5.0W bulb, the transformer is looking for a higher load but can’t start properly due to the low load of the LED.

A good LED transformer or driver can operate with very low wattage. This is especially important when the LEDs are dimmed. Conversely, an LED transformer can be used with halogen bulbs. You can find our No Load LED 60W Transformer here

What is beam spread? How do I determine what beam spread I need?

Beam spread is the amount of space a light covers from different distances. 

To determine what beam spread you need, measure how wide of beam spread you want (typically the width of the object you are highlighting) and the distance from your fixture to the object. Input those 2 measurements into the following formula, and you’ll get the desired beam angle.


For example: Let’s say you are trying to illuminate a large tree. The tree’s overall width is 30 feet. Your fixture will be approximately 27 feet away from the part of the tree you are illuminating.

BEAM ANGLE = (30)/(27/0.18)=30/.486=61.73 degrees 

In this case, you would want to choose the MR16 with the 60 degree beam spread.

Are EA bulbs rated for enclosed fixtures?

Yes, EA bulbs are rated for enclosed fixtures. However, if a bulb is installed in an enclosure that does not give enough air around the product then it can be subject to overheating and premature failure and will void our warranty.

While all EmeryAllen bulbs are rated for use with enclosed fixtures, the enclosure should not be smaller than:


If you have any questions regarding your specific application and bulb sizing compatibility, feel free to reach out to us via the Contact page or call us at 843-480-4473.

I live in California. Can I purchase EA products that are not JA8 compliant?

Yes, our California customers may purchase products that are not yet JA8 compliant. However, for their protection, we recommend that these customers are aware of the application and if it will be audited for JA8 compliance.

What is the warranty of EA products?

We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our products. Click here for more information.

What is a bulb shield? Should I use one with my EA products?

Halogen bulb shields, also known as bulb containment barriers, were developed decades ago to retain hot shards of molten glass from falling on combustible material should a halogen bulb ever rupture. UL 153 and 1598 requires the use of these barriers when used with any type of miniature halogen lamp. 

LED bulbs, specifically miniature LED bulbs, do not require the use of halogen bulb shields because they do not have the same issues as halogen bulbs. 

Please do not use halogen bulb shields with EmeryAllen or any other miniature LED lamps. This will cause premature failure due to overheating and void our warranty.

Webstore Questions

How much is shipping?

For end users ordering from our eCommerce site, we offer free ground shipping via USPS or FedEx on orders over $95 to the contiguous 48 states in the US, otherwise varying shipping rates will be available. Distributors set up with an EmeryAllen account will fall under our Distributor Freight Policy. Please email  if you have any questions.

What is EmeryAllen's return policy?

New products:

If you are unhappy with any product for any reason, please submit a “Return Request” through your account on EmeryAllen’s website. If you are having issues accessing your account, please email for assistance.

A customer must return the merchandise for a credit within 30 days of the invoice date. All returns must arrive in the original packaging. All freight charges for the return of goods are to be paid by the customer. The item must be new/unused and in resellable condition. Once we receive the item(s), we will issue a refund. Shipping to and from won’t be refunded.

No products will be accepted for return which are more than 30 days after the date of purchase.

Used products:

Once a product has been used, it can only be returned if it is defective and falls under our warranty. To request a return or refund due to a defective product, please submit a “Return Request” through your account on EmeryAllen’s website. If you are having issues accessing your account, please email for assistance.

For defective items, EmeryAllen will provide a return label for the product to be inspected for eligibility under our warranty. If it is determined the product is defective, we will send out a replacement or issue a credit within 48 hours of receiving the defective product.

How do I exchange, or return a product?

You can initiate a return or an exchange from your account page. Simply click the ‘Request Return’ button next to your order to start the process. Additionally, you can track the return status from the ‘Return Status/ History’ tab of your account page.


What should I do if a bulb is out of stock?

If the bulb you need is out of stock, please enter your email into the restock notification box on your desired bulb’s page. You will receive an email confirming your request and another email once the product is available to order.

What should I do if I do not see the bulb that I need?

If you do not see a bulb that you need, simply reach out to us! You can get in touch with us using the Contact form under the Support tab or by calling us at 843-480-4473.

When should I expect my order to arrive if I paid for expedited shipping?

Expedited orders placed before 2 pm Eastern will ship the same business day. Orders are anticipated to arrive in the given time frames:

  • FedEx Overnight: Orders shipping FedEx Overnight will arrive by the end of the following business day.
  • FedEx 2 Day: Orders shipping FedEx 2 Day will arrive in 2 business days by the end of the day. The day the order is placed does not count as one of the 2 business days.

EmeryAllen is not responsible for orders delayed by the shipping carrier. For the most update carrier times, please refer to FedEx’s Lead Times here:

How do I change my order after it has already been placed?

If you would like to make a change to your order once it has been placed, please call us at 843-480-4473 so we can adjust your order as quickly as possible. Please note that once an order reaches a certain point in our fulfillment process, orders cannot be altered.

How do I change the shipping address on my order after it has been placed?

If you would like to make a change to your shipping address once your order has been placed, please call us at 843-480-4473 so we can make the adjustment as quickly as possible. Please note that once an order has shipped, no changes can be made to the given address.

What do I do if there is an issue with my order upon receipt?

Product damages, discrepancies or shortages must be reported to EmeryAllen within 1 week of the product being received at the requested shipping address. Please email a brief description of the issue as well as photo verification to for further assistance.

Educational Topics

What are JA8 and Title 20/24?

JA8 is an appendix to already existing building regulation called Title 24 which sets minimum requirements for energy-efficiency in new buildings. Title 20 is the appliance regulation which requires lighting products to be listed in the California MAEDBS to be legally sold in the state.

What is a 'Turtle Safe Bulb'? Why should I care?

Throughout the world’s coastal regions, sea turtles have helped our ecosystem thrive for over 200 million years. But, artificial lights have interfered with their instinct to move towards the sea via moonlight. Building and street lights disorient the turtles, leading them away from the safety of the water where they succumb to dehydration, predators and being run over by cars.

The result: only 1 in 1000 hatchlings survive to maturity. Without sea turtles, sea grass beds will decline and the beach/dune system will deteriorate, creating a trickle down effect to other marine species and even humans.

According to the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC), a ‘Turtle Safe Bulb’ meets the following criteria: 

  • Lowest wattage and lumens for the necessary purpose
  • Long-wavelength (Greater than or equal to 560 nanometers) 
  • Red LED, Orange LED, Amber LED or Low Pressure Sodium (LPS)

EmeryAllen Turtle-Safe bulbs were created to serve the coastal regions and the sea turtles that inhabit them. Our low wattage and lumen, 598 nanometer, Amber bulbs are perfect for locations such as hotels, restaurants, homes, etc. that are close to the beach and give the comfort of being able to leave the lights on while still respecting the turtles.