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Shine Bright.

EmeryAllen, LLC is a privately held company located in Charleston, South Carolina. We have established worldwide product development, manufacturing and distribution relationships which have translated into the highest quality products for our customers at an incredible value. Our passion for developing new products has culminated in the creation of the most well-rounded miniature LED lamps on the market


Years of


in the lighting industry. 

Designed from Scratch

Most miniature bulbs are an afterthought. They’re off-the-shelf solutions, sourced from overseas manufacturers, with foreign electricity in mind. Choose bulbs designed with YOUR fixtures in mind.

#1 in Lumen Efficacy

It’s not about the watts, it’s about the lumens per watt; what you get out for what you put in. No one matches our 100 lm/W and we keep pushing the limits. Say hello to more light, less energy and a longer life for your bulbs.

More Certifications

We don’t just pass industry tests, we raise the bar on expectations. FCC, cETL, Title 20, Lutron, Creston, ETC, FWC and patent pending. By our count, that’s more than anyone else in the market.

Best Dimming Performance

Historically, LED bulbs and dimmers are not friends. But, our bulbs have full Lutron certifications on 100% of their products. Crestron and ETC recommend us to their customers too. Go ahead, dim the lights.

Color Consistency

According to the Color Rendering Index, we get an “A”. Blues are bluer, and reds are redder. Combine this with color temperatures from 2700K to 5700K and you’ll achieve perfect lighting in any environment.

Engineering Support

Leave the technical stuff to us – we’ve been nerding out on lighting for over 30 years. One call to us will save you hours of frustration. And, we promise to help resolve your issue whether it’s caused by our bulb or not.

Recognize Anyone?

Our partnerships with respected electrical distributors, contractors, designers, architects and engineers earn us the business of some top brands you may recognize.