EmeryAllen Fan Bulbs


About Fan Bulbs

Many models of ceiling fans use one 100w halogen bulb in their ceiling light kits. With the new energy standards set in place, 100w E11 halogen bulbs are getting increasingly more difficult to find. EmeryAllen has developed a new series of bulbs, including a 9.5w 950 lumen LED replacement bulb, which are uniquely designed in the following ways:

  • Highest setting over 950 lumens to light up the room

  • Long length to prevent uneven light and shadows

  • Fully dimmable (a.k.a. no pesky flicker) with Lutron, Creston and ETC

  • Work seamlessly with remote controls

EmeryAllen Fan Bulb Lineup


Yes, this new series of bulbs is perfect for replacing that hard-to-find E11 100 watt halogen bulb. But, as usual, innovation got the best of us and we packed these new bulbs full of great features that work for many more applications beyond ceiling fans. Ultimately, any fixture needing up to 950 lumens, full dimming with no flicker and special sizes will enjoy the same benefits you’ll see with ceiling fans. Here are just a few to inspire you!

Not sure whether one of the bulbs in this series will work for you? Save some time and ask us!