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Wedge base bulb commonly used in landscape lighting, and other low voltage outdoor fixtures.

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Brief History

S8 Bulbs are also known as wedge base bulbs (along with the T5 and LMW). These unique bases differ from Edison-style screw-in bulbs, bayonet bulbs, and bi-pin bulbs in that they are simply ‘wedged’ into a socket using friction to keep them in place. Initially developed for automotive applications, the S8 bulb can be found in several low voltage applications.

How They’re Used

Ready to light up the walkway? An S8 might be the bulb of choice depending on your fixture requirements. The S8 LED bulb from EmeryAllen can be used in a variety of ways, however, with the warm color choices available, they will be best utilized for landscape lighting in an assortment of fixtures for accent or path lighting. Be sure to check on the bulb requirements for the fixtures you have in mind to ensure the S8 4.0W LED will meet your needs.

Why You Want Them

The S8 LED from EmeryAllen uses less energy than comparably illuminated alternative halogen options and is designed to work with a lower voltage, resulting in lower operating temperatures and costs. Our S8 bulb is the perfect replacement for your S8 incandescent bulbs and will be useful in numerous situations around the yard or home.

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