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Landscape Lighting

Bringing our quality lighting outdoors.


Timeless, Reimagined.

Introducing the S21 Filament.


Landscape Lighting

Bringing our quality lighting outdoors.


What is the EmeryAllen Difference?

You deserve a better bulb, and that takes focus. We only engineer high performance miniature LED bulbs.

Fully dimmable LED’s that burn for over 36,000 hours and maintain accurate color rendition (+-50°K).
Unique ceramic bodies and heatsinks, better heat dissipation with a quality weight and feel.
Superior optic design for uniform light distribution. Most bulbs with 90+ CRI.
More certifications from JA8 to ETL. If there was a test, we passed.
Specially frosted lenses that scatter light more efficiently without blocking it with pigment.
Stainless conductive points won’t corrode or rust in damp environments.

What is the EmeryAllen Difference?

You deserve a better bulb, and that takes focus. We only engineer high performance miniature LED bulbs.

Paint Your World in Light

EmeryAllen offers lighting for every mood and environment. From beautiful outdoor lighting to astonishing indoor ambiance, we have the perfect lightbulb for every situation. Over 30 years of continuous innovation in the lighting industry led to the product line you see today. With EmeryAllen, feel free to get creative and paint your world in light.

We’ve Got You Covered

Our product array is vast yet personal. Ranging from 12V Miniature LED Lamps that make your outdoor area stand apart, to 120V LED Lamps that radiate warmth throughout your home or workplace. There’s a reason why EmeryAllen bulbs are seen in Starbucks, Macy’s, Google, Amazon and many other prominent locations.

Best of Both Worlds

Did you know that LED bulbs use a 1/10th of the energy of incandescent bulbs, provide gorgeous lighting, and are remarkably affordable over their lifespan? EmeryAllen prides itself on engineering superior lighting solutions for all homeowners.

EmeryAllen is a great manufacturer all around, from the development of high quality products to the wonderful customer service and quick shipping. There is no question why these bulbs sell themselves!

EmeryAllen quality is at the top end of any LED bulbs for small fixtures that I have dealt with. Especially for landscape retrofits.

When entering the LED market, we wanted to offer our clients the best product available. EmeryAllen is one of our top sources because they deliver a quality product at a fair price.

Great quality, friendly service, fast shipping and a little candy included with every order … What's not to love about EmeryAllen?

Excellent customer service and quick delivery!

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