GY6.35 5.0W DTW


The 12V EmeryAllen GY6.35 5.0W DTW (Dim to Warm) bulb offers dimmer-controlled color temperature adjustment. This smooth temperature transition mimics the natural color shift of dimmed incandescent bulbs.

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Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

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Base Type GY6.35
Material Ceramic + PC
Input Voltage 12V AC/DC
Wattage 4.20
Volt-Amperes(VA) 4.39
CRI 92
Brightness 450 Lumens
Lumens/Watt 90
Color Temperature Range 1800K-2700K
R9 51
R13 93
Halogen Equivalent 60W
Beam Angle 360°
Life 25,000 hours
Warranty Limited Lifetime

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Weight .04 lbs
Dimensions 2.66 × .88 × .88 in

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